create x resist x transform

Our Vision

Solidarity Economy St. Louis is a network of groups and individuals striving to build and grow a “solidarity economy;" that is, an economy that embodies the values of justice, sustainability, self-determination, and cooperation while resisting the notion of “every person for themselves.”

The necessary elements for building a solidarity economy are creation, resistance, and transformation. Our ultimate aim is economic, spiritual, and cultural liberation for all living beings. To achieve this, we believe that we must create just and sustainable systems for people to meet their basic material needs, resist exploitation by divesting from and directly challenging systems of capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and white supremacy, and transform our relationships with ourselves, others, and the planet. 

Our Values


We commit to organizing with those that have been marginalized and excluded by the current economy, recognizing that these communities already have a rich history of engaging in and creating their own economies out of necessity. 


We commit to building systems that are based in maintaining the health and well-being of people and the planet. 


We commit to honoring and uplifting the autonomy, dignity, and independence of all people.


We commit to developing collective economic and political power with others who share our values. We recognize that there is no single route to building a solidarity economy.