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Member Benefits


  • Customized benefits and discounts from participating member groups
  • Access to vast community of resources (skills, services, items, expertise) offered within the network
  • First priority for travel, training, and other leadership development opportunities 


  • Customized benefits and discounts from other member groups
  • Access to events calendar 
  • Ongoing promotion through all online and offline platforms including our website, social media, email, and events -- all services will be fulfilled through members when possible
  • Personalized consultation and mentorship from team members on fundraising, organizing, community outreach, educational resources, facilitated connections to local and national groups, and other forms of support
  • First priority for funding, trainings, workshops, and development opportunities


view the detailed list of member benefits and discounts here

Member Guidelines

1. All members will strive to uphold the vision and values of the network. This includes a commitment to embodying solidarity economy values and/or pursuing specific ways to embody those values (e.g. developing more cooperative structures, moving your money into a credit union, ethical purchasing practices)

2. All members will strive to meet their needs and services internally through the network when possible

3. All members are expected to regularly participate in activities and collective decision making processes for the network

4. While we strive to maintain open doors towards those who share a commitment to the solidarity economy, decisions on membership rest with the leadership of the network. We reserve the right to deny or cancel membership at our discretion. Reasons for termination may include inactivity and unresponsiveness, failure to live up to the responsibilities of membership, or behavior that acts in strong opposition to our vision and values. Members may submit a letter of appeal to the leadership team who can choose to review whether a denial or termination of membership should be overturned. Members retain the right to voluntarily end their membership at any time.




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