TESA Collab for Solidarity Economy Game

We teamed up with the Toolbox for Education and Social Action (TESA) to create our own custom version of the Loud and Proud game!

From TESA's article about the collaboration:

"Loud & Proud is TESA’s fast-paced social justice word association game. With quick-to-learn rules, the game is often used as an icebreaker by organizers and activists, and as a way to inspire conversations about important political concepts (like “civil rights” and “renewable energy”) in a lighthearted way. Learn more about Loud & Proud here.

Solidarity Economy St. Louis approached us to create a custom version of Loud & Proud for their zine Kapital, a practical guide to studying capitalism and communal wealth in the US. While the zine was chock full of rich, compelling content, it was dense, and needed some work to become an interactive and relatable tool. The group hoped to use the game as a regular introductory activity to help make participants comfortable and give a sense of how people were already thinking about and experiencing concepts in the zine (like scarcity, abundance, competition, and cooperation).

We created custom cards for Solidarity Economy St. Louis, drawing concepts from the zine and making it more culturally appropriate by incorporating more African-American cooperative history.

Solidarity Economy St. Louis premiered the game at Resist + Renew, a dynamic event that brought together games, live music, and good food to facilitate discussions about justice, sustainability, and self-determination."

And TESA did an amazing job! Those who played the game did so with surprise and laughter, with people saying, "When I get a chance, I'm going to buy it!"

Julia Ho