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March for Black Women-STL/ Black Women's March & Marketplace

Calling all black women, femmes, trans people, & non-gender conforming people & those who love them!! On September 30th please join us for a Black Women's March & Marketplace. The purpose of this event is to unite black women in all their variety & denounce state violence; mass incarceration; rape & sexual abuse; murder & brutalization of transwomen; the disappearances of girls from our community & the war on people of color migrating to the United States. We need you to gather with us because there's strength in numbers. Let's begin to heal together & support one another!

This event is free and open to public.

10:00 am: Gather at InPower Institute, 4125 Humphrey St, St. Louis, MO 63116 to begin with meditation & centering practices. 

11:30 am: We will march in solidarity with the March for Black Women in Washington, D.C. to the Divine Center of Love, 3617 Wyoming St, St. Louis, MO 63116 to support black business at a marketplace. Enjoy a massage, handmade soaps & moisturizers, clothing, food, & more. 

12:30 pm: Network, shop, listen, & learn how you can support local campaigns and black led organizations. 

Vendors interested in reserving a space & organizations interested in sponsoring this event please in-box Nikia Paulette.
If you can’t march with us, then ride with us. If you can’t ride with us, then shout from your front yards, your kitchen tables and from your street corners. Shout from the pews of your churches and LGBTQ centers, from your HBCUs and healing circles, from the halls and stairwells of the public housing complex where they put you, and from your conference tables and board rooms. Our differently-abled Black sisters, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, we ask you to rise with us in your hearts and in your bones.

Please join us, in the March for Black Women, in mass mobilization for our security and safety, our human rights and our freedoms, calling on the federal government and our own Black communities to take the following actions:

Issue an apology to all Black women for centuries of abuses, including sexual violence and reproductive violations against Black bodies, especially the brutalization of transwomen.

Beyond the 2016 Gender Bias Policing Guidance, ensure immediate and sustainable measures by the U.S. Government to eliminate incarcerations, incidences of rape and “sexual misconduct”, police murder and violence against all Black women, and especially transwomen.

End the threat against the human right to healthcare and increase access, including all reproductive health care, bar none.  

Ensure economic justice for Black low income women at the communal and federal level, many of whom are at increased risk for violence due to lack of economic power.

Cease and desist all threats of deportation of immigrant women across the country, especially those whose deportation may cost them their lives or safety.

This event is sponsored by ReproactionNARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, and Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region & Southwest Missouri.

Starting Location: InPower Institute, 4125 Humphrey St., St. Louis 63116

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